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Deniz Cebenoyan

Research Assistant

Deniz Cebenoyan got her BS from Carnegie Mellon University with majors in Psychology and Spanish. Upon graduating in 2005, she began working as an RA at both LARC and the GEP and remained there until June 2006. During this period, she spent many an afternoon eagerly poring over the true depth of an auxiliary verb with Dr. Batmanian (though Natalie may have an alternate account of Deniz’s alacrity). Since then, she’s been working as a Lab Manager at Columbia for Dr. Walter Mischel, studying longitudinal correlates of self-control and consistency in social behavior. She also works as an RA for Dr. Ed Smith, researching schizophrenics and working memory at the NYS Psychiatric Institute. She is currently spending some free time bulking up her computer/human perception skills, and hopes to work in the field of human computer interaction in the future. Other hobbies/dreams in life include playing the piano, writing songs to no one, and still upsetting her parents when she refuses to perform for the dinner guests.