Language Acquisition Research Center

The Hunter College Language Acquisition Research Center has the goal of unraveling the mystery of the uniquely human gift of language. The center is directed by Dr. Virginia Valian of the Department of Psychology. Dr. Valian and her research team — students and research assistants — examine the important data that children can provide.

Current research in the Language Acquisition Research Center (LARC) investigates knowledge and use of language in young monolingual English speakers (two- and three-year-olds), bilingual children (four- to eight-year-olds), and second language learners (four- to eight-year-olds and adults).

The research team (from left): (back row) Laurel Perkins; Zhuo Chen; Rui Huang; Stephanie DiFabrizio;
(front row) Yulia Gorokhovsky; Virginia Valian; Paul Feitzinger
Not pictured: Dorota BotwinaErin Quirk