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Virginia Valian, Ph.D.


Distinguished Professor of Psychology Hunter College, CUNY

Distinguished Professor of Psychology, Linguistics, and Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences, CUNY Graduate Center

Virginia Valian is a cognitive scientist whose research focuses on language acquisition in two-year-olds, bilingualism, and why so few women are in positions of power and prestige.


Paul Feitzinger

 Research Assistant

Paul Feitzinger is LARC’s resident software developer and general technologist, and has a strong passion for open source software. He is currently re-implementing some of the LARC’s experiments as web applications and programmatically gluing pieces of the lab together in Good Ways (he hopes). Paul is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Hunter College.

Stephanie DiFabrizio


IMG_0281 cropped

PhD Student – on leave

Stephanie DiFabrizio is currently pursuing a  PhD in Psychology at the CUNY Graduate  Center. She graduated with a BA in  Psychology from Rutgers University (with a Minor in Biology), and an  MA in Psychology from Montclair State University. Stephanie is  interested in various aspects of development  in infants and toddlers, including cognitive development and language acquisition.