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Memory and Language

Ages 2;0-3;11
Male and female
English speaking or bilingual
Normal hearing

The goal of this study is to explore the relationship between memory and language development.

The study consists of one 1-hour session.

During the sessions, the child will play memory and language games with the experimenter. In one game, the child sees images of fruits and vegetables on a touch-screen computer and the experimenter presses certain ones. We then ask the child to press the same ones. In another game, we ask the child to imitate some sentences. For example, the experimenter might say “The horse can run fast,” and then we ask the child to repeat the sentence. Also, the child may participate in some activities that allow us to look at his/her understanding of English [or another language]. For example, the experimenter may use items from language measures to see what words young children use and understand.

Our games are fun for children and give parents the opportunity to observe their children’s language skills. Each child who participates receives a small gift at the end of the session as a thank-you for their participation.